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  • July 2018 Newsletter
    July 11,2018

    Lake Worth Neighborhood Street Program with Chen Moore and Associates

    Grady Ross, our Public Involvement Specialist, took to the streets of Lake Worth this past month to deliver door hangers notifying residents of the upcoming public information meeting later this month. TMS is providing public involvement services on behalf of our client Chen Moore and Associates.  This substantial capital improvement project is intended to improve the quality of roadways in the City of Lake Worth. Learn more about this project by visiting www.lakeworthroads.com

    Happy Summer Vacation to our Friends from the Executives Association

    Although we love seeing all our friends and clients from the Executives Association of the Palm Beaches every Tuesday morning for breakfast and evening open houses, a short summer break for July and August is much appreciated.  Summertime is meant for traveling to new places, spending time with friends and family, relaxation and maybe getting a nice Florida tan. We hope everyone enjoys their summer until we reconvene in September! 

    TMS Spends Quality Time with Ryan William’s Agency

    TMS and the creative geniuses at Ryan William’s Agency (RWA) have partnered together on a number of public projects. Our teams recently took some quality time to meet and discuss both of our companies services and how we can better partner to offer clients a broader spectrum of communication and relationship services. Although our offices are located only a couple minutes down the road from each other, TMS and RWA are often too focused on our own work for a friendly “Hey Neighbor” drop in. TMS is looking forward to getting more acquainted with Valerie Staggs and the other personalities and depth of talent at RWA. 

    Buck’s Corner, by Buck Merchant

    Happy 4th everyone!  I heard Mom and Uncle Paul talking about paddle boarding at Aunt Marcella and Uncle Mark’s house and watching fireworks and all kinds of good stuff.  Couldn’t wait!  Then they left me home. I could have paddle boarded with the best of them, I just know it. I have balance, I could have done it on 3 legs!  I did take them for a walk in the rain.  Some canines are scared of rain and thunder and lightning and fireworks. Not me!  So… I overheard Mom talking about going to Colorado again. Guess who she is NOT taking? Normally I get mad and eat cat poop – she hates that!  Then I heard Mom say that I would be taking care of Aunt Michelle and my Marissa. Marissa and I have a human/canine love connection. Don’t tell Mom. I got so excited that I didn’t even eat cat poop.  I can’t wait to see my girl! That’s all for now. 

    Get to Know Team TMS

    Fun fact about our Operations Manager, Kate Lewis…she loves reptiles! Kate has owned many scaly critters, including this Bearded Dragon named “Blue.” Who can resist this cuddly face?

    Did You Know? Florida State Budget Edition

    Impress your political friends with some Florida State Budget trivia. Governor Rick Scott signed a $5 billion increase in the state budget for 2018-2019. The budget allocates $175 million for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act, $108 million for the Florida Forever land preservation program, $130 million in Medicaid funding, $90 million in hurricane related repair projects and $65 million to fight the opioid crisis. (FLSenate.gov)

    TMS July Birthdays! Wishing a happy birthday to our friends:

    America! Michelle Damone, Michael Davis, Cynthia Carter, Pat Maloy, Blanca Suarez, Sandra Baroja, Shan Daniels, Nathan Corser, Senator Rene Garcia, Stephanie Pelt and Shannen Mohr. 


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