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  • June 2018 Newsletter
    June 18,2018

    TMS Hosts the Executives Association of the Palm Beaches

    Former State Representative Frank Messersmith (R) Lake Worth, returned home to introduce TMS President, Sharon Merchant at the early Executives Association of the Palm Beaches breakfast meeting. Sharon had the pleasure of serving as the program speaker giving her the opportunity to highlight the variety of services TMS provides clients. “This was a tremendous opportunity for TMS to speak about the services we offer, how we help clients and what a good lead would be for our team," said Sharon. TMS then hosted the group for a fun evening event, complete with delicious BBQ slow cooked by Tom Brown.

    Photos thanks to David R. Randell Photography. For more photos from the event, click here

    TMS Sets the Stage for Public Meetings on Palm Beach County Four Bridges Project

    TMS is working with the Wantman Group, Inc. (WGI) on four off system bridge replacements throughout Palm Beach County. We have organized the first public meeting workshop this July to inform and educate the public on proposed improvements for El Clair Ranch Road Bridge in Delray Beach, Florida. Our team has created a stakeholder database, notification letter and flyer for this Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) project focused on replacing the bridge, installing shoulder/bike lanes and sidewalks for residents. TMS will staff the public meeting at the Hagen Ranch Road Public Library. We have partnered with WGI on several Palm Beach County FDOT projects in the past and are pleased to continue working with the exceptional WGI team.

    TMS and CES Consultants At Work on West Palm Beach Washington Road Project

    Last month our team got busy working on the Washington Road Utility and Stormwater Improvements Project in West Palm Beach with CES Consultants. We have met several times with our client and the City’s Project Manager to discuss details of this design project that centers on improving utility lines in the affluent and historic districts of Prospect Park and Southland Park.  This work will ensure that the street flooding issues caused by both storms and king tides are abated.  TMS has created a resident database with mailing labels and maps of the impacted area. We have also created notification and authorization letters, a stakeholder database to open a two way dialogue with residents and are currently planning a public meeting to be held in late July.  

    Buck’s Corner, by Buck Merchant

    No one likes a party better than me.  What could be better than a room full of humans to admire and pet me?  The answer is a room full of admiring humans AND BBQ!  I love BBQ!  David (I know, Mom, Mr. Randell) took lots of pictures of me.  He thinks I am very handsome.  I was just about to convince Tim (Mr. Carroll – but Mom, we are buds…) to part with a rib, when Mom sent me into the isolation chamber – an office with a closed door.  I hate that!  My people need me and Tim knew I wasn’t being a mooch!  My Uncle Bruce always loves me.  He says he will take me to Vermont someday.  Maybe I can talk Mom into another party soon.  Halloween?  I could be a Great Dane.  Or maybe a Chihuahua.  That’s all for now.


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