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  • April 2018 Newsletter
    TMS April 13,2018

    Team TMS wins on four teams for the City of Boynton Beach general consulting services contract. Thank you, Kimley-Horn, CDM Smith, Arcadis and Carollo Engineers for adding us to your teams! 

  • March 2018 Newsletter
    TMS March 16,2018

    TMS continues to actively work with the Palm Beach Point Property Owner’s Association in the Village of Wellington to monitor the proposed Flying Cow Ranch project.

  • February 2018 Newsletter
    TMS February 16,2018

    TMS is looking forward to working again with Bud Goblish and his team at CES. We will provide public involvement services to inform homeowners and receive their feedback. This project in the City of West Palm Beach involves stormwater and outfall improvements in the Historic Districts of Prospect Park and Southland Park.

  • January 2018 Newsletter
    TMS January 18,2018

    Our client, Sailfish Marina, has almost completed their south dock replacement with a temporary permit that allows boats to dock at the marina today.  Once the permit is granted, there will be an official red ribbon cutting ceremony and a celebration for all to enjoy. 

  • December 2017 Newsletter
    TMS December 18,2017

    The Sailfish Marina is near its’ completion on the new south dock replacement which now allows for  floatable docks to better serve the Marine Industry and our community.  We look forward to officially opening the dock by year end with an official red ribbon cutting ceremony.

  • November 2017 Newsletter
    TMS November 22,2017

    TMS was retained by the Palm Beach Point Property Owners Association to create a community and government relations strategy to address a concern with a proposed nearby project.

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