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  • Town Square Boynton Beach Community Job Fair - August 22
    TMS August 14,2017

    A Town Square Boynton Beach Community Job Fair will be held Tuesday, August 22 at the Carolyn Sims Center, 225 NW 12th Avenue in Boynton Beach. Full-time, part-time and apprentice opportunities will begin immediately and continue throughout the Town Square Boynton Beach development project. Candidates of all ages, experience levels and trades are welcome.

  • August 2017 Newsletter
    TMS August 02,2017

    Town Square Boynton Beach is seeking qualified applicants to apply for upcoming full-time, part-time and apprentice opportunities. Candidates of all ages, experience levels and trades are encouraged to attend.

  • June Newsletter 2017
    TMS June 26,2017

    The Merchant Strategy is delighted to be offering government and community relations services to Trump Tower Condo Association. Trump Tower leaders are actively working to maintain a 5 story height limitation along Flagler Drive.

  • Town Of Palm Beach Phipps Ocean Park Beach Restoration Project Named One Of America's Best
    TMS May 22,2017

    Palm Beach, Florida – The American Shore and Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) and The Merchant Strategy announced today that the Phipps Ocean Park Nourishment Project, located in the southern portion of Town of Palm Beach, Florida is a winner of its 2017 Best Restored Beach Award.

  • April Newsletter 2017
    TMS April 26,2017

    We are excited about building a relationship with Johnson-Davis Inc. as we provide public involvement services for their Boynton Beach North and South Roads stormwater system repairs.

  • March Newsletter 2017
    TMS March 08,2017

    Sharon Merchant, President of The Merchant Strategy, was featured on the Palm Beach Score Radio show on March 1, 2017. SCORE-ing Your Business takes place each Wednesday from 5:00-6:00 PM on channel 900-AM.

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