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  • September 2017 Newsletter
    September 21,2017


    TMS is excited to announce that our client, Centennial Management Corporation was chosen by the Boynton Beach CRA to develop Ocean Breeze East, a "Heart of Boynton Beach" development. The Heart of Boynton is 15 residential neighborhoods. Ocean Breeze East will consist of retail space, community meeting space and rental units. Boynton's Faith Based Community Development Corporation who will work with residents by providing free first time home buyers workshops, credit counseling and many other community benefits. TMS is slated to implement the wealth building community process. We will engage, identify and put Boynton Beach's residents to work within the project. Ocean Breeze East is vital to the development of Boynton Beach's downtown and we are ready as a team to move this project forward.


    Chalk up a big victory for our client! Late spring The Merchant Strategy was hired by the Trump Plaza Condominium Association to oppose the City of West Palm Beach’s proposed land use variance changes on the downtown water front from its’ current 5 story height limitation as determined by the voters in its’ 1996 Downtown Master Plan against Related’s request for 25 stories for a project known as One Flagler. The Merchant Strategy began with a sophisticated polling service by Clearview Research to interview 300 registered West Palm Beach voters throughout the City. We discovered that the residents were “strongly opposed” to this project even if it “brought hundreds of needed high wage jobs” to its’ City. This poll was presented to the entire City Council of West Palm Beach and eventually to the Palm Beach Post’s Editorial Board for review. We created a strategic plan that included developing mailers, lobbying Council, attending public forums, working with the local coalitions, a social media campaign and attended all related government meetings. We requested extensive public records on emergency response times, pedestrian and traffic accidents, traffic mobility studies and other related information for analyzing. Our media relation efforts garnered a coveted editorial benefiting our client. We represented our client well with the best interest of the future of the City of West Palm Beach by preventing “Spot Zoning” from occurring. We won the issue with a 3-2 vote. The City can still landmark the Church of Christian Science as an historical designation to preserve both its’ unique architectural history and it’s water front for future generations to enjoy.


    The Merchant Strategy was retained by Sailfish Marina Resort to help showcase the wonderful improvements that are occurring at the Marina that are beneficial to the community. While developing our plan, a catastrophic Hurricane Irma struck Florida making its’ first land fall. Irma hit our neighbors to the south the hardest especially in the Big Pine Key area. Sailfish Marina Resort and its' staff were well prepared ahead of the storm. They received minor damage on their property but their hearts ached for those who suffered tremendous losses in the Keys. The Sailfish Marina along with its' community partners Cheney Brothers, Connley Fishing, Tito's Vodka, Tuppen's Marine & Tackle, GILL Media and United K-9 Special Patrol quickly organized a huge community wide hurricane relief supplies drive. Because of the enormous response from our community, they had a truck full. A Cheney Brother's truck headed south to Big Pine Key filled with plywood, roofing supplies, gasoline cans, baby wipes, water, garbage bags and so much more. Sailfish Marina Resort is very proud of its' staff, community business partners and its' generous community for participating and allowing to continue its' historic traditions of giving back to the community.


    The Joint Legislative Budget Commission (LBC) met recently to adopt the Long-Range Financial Outlook, the constitutionally required annual report that looks at estimated revenues versus expenditures. The Outlook gives the Legislature a sense of the state’s budget position going into session and whether lawmakers can expect a budget shortfall or surplus. The new Outlook forecasts that after funding a continuation budget, there will be $52.0 million in General Revenue (GR) left over. However, this estimate was developed before Hurricane Irma, and the LBC was advised to expect that the small surplus would be more than wiped out by needed hurricane-related budget amendments. In short, it is expected there will be a budget shortfall next year (FY2018-19). Even before the hurricane is considered, the Outlook estimated the state was facing large shortfalls of $1.1 billion in FY2019-20 and $1.6 billion in FY2020-21. This is due to the continuing “structural imbalance” of the state’s recurring expenditures exceed recurring revenues. The hurricane will make it worse.The Outlook further estimates that (even based on a $52.0 million surplus) that $369.5 million in spending cuts and/or revenue increases in each of the next three years will be needed to erase the shortfall in FY2020-21. An additional $189.6 million in recurring spending will have to be converted to non-recurring. Postponing corrective actions will make it even more difficult to resolve the future shortfalls.


    Every Wednesday, someone at TMS wears a hard hat to show everyone how hard we all work. Of course, it goes without saying that I work the hardest. Taking care of humans isn't easy. Every day I have to walk Mom at least twice. Then Aunt Kathy needs a walk in the afternoons. Have I mentioned that it's hot in the summer? I'm an A/C kind of guy. I am also the number one greeter and security guard (I can do perimeter sweeps with my eyes closed). I greet friends, clients and dignitaries like Rep. Berman (I think she likes me). I attend all team meetings and keep all my associates focused. If they need an aromatic reminder to pay attention, I provide one (sometimes they put me in the other room if I get too carried away). If anyone is having a bad day, I give them a lick to remind them that it will get better. I pose in many pictures. Some people think dog pictures make them look friendlier, so I help improve their images. I accompany Mom in the car a lot. Sometimes I stay in the car with the A/C running while she shops. She always says who will steal a car with a 90 pound dog in it"? My friend Tinkerbell Holland was in the hospital so Uncle Chris asked me to come for a visit. Guess that makes me a therapy dog! My mom went away for the Labor Day weekend and I had to take care of Aunt Francine. My duties are never ending.

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