KATE LEWIS Director of Operations

  • Kate Lewis is our Director of Operations and Contract Administrator. Her background in operations is an asset to The Merchant Strategy. She is extremely organized and efficient, excels in Excel and is great at finding creative solutions to everyday business issues. Years of motherhood also help her work collaboratively with the team - herding cats!

    Kate chose to stay at home and parent her children until they were in school full time. During that time, she earned an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude, from Southern New Hampshire University. Kate has 15 years of experience in the financial industry. She worked for a bank in New Hampshire as a business analyst. During that time she was responsible for leading, implementing and testing all new deposit related products and upgrades.

    Kate moved to Florida in 2011, where she began working for a retirement company that dealt in mutual funds and variable annuities. For fun Kate enjoys spending time with her family and reading.