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  • October 2017 Newsletter
    October 24,2017


    The Sailfish Marina Resort located in the Town of Palm Beach Shores is currently in the process of obtaining a permit to construct a north dock replacement with no south access to better serve the Marine Industry by providing a fixed floating dock. The Merchant Strategy has been hired by the Sailfish Marina to correct any misinformation through press releases, the media, print and social media. We are providing a strategic campaign to inform the stake holders in Palm Beach County, the Town of Palm Beach Shores, the Marine Industry, and boat captains through extensive lobbying efforts by providing the facts. All access will remain on the south side of the north dock as to be a good neighbor. The charter dock which is located in the center of both the south and north dock will not have any changes and it will remain the same or better, “business as usual”. A few individuals have spread misinformation among the captains and within the community. The Sailfish Marina maintains public access to the waterfront, the ship store, the restaurant and the charter docks and meets or exceeds all requirements of the agreement with the County.


    TMS welcomes Snubbs Consulting to our team of clients for a new project in Coral Springs. Snubbs Consulting Inc. is a provider of professional services to both public and private sector clients. They specialize in civil/site engineering, highway planning and design, environmental evaluations and surveying. The Coral Springs project will provide minor widening and resurfacing of Rock Island Road, and to provide a bike lane from Wiles Road to Sample Road, while impacting the residents at a minimum. This project is a CAP level 2. TMS will be working to keep the stakeholders and residents notified of the FDOT's proposed construction and the anticipated impact of that construction. TMS will document all public involvement activities conducted throughout the project’s duration.


    Pirates, Mermaids and Matey's were all abroad the annual Pirate Fest that took place in Boynton Beach on October 21- 22. This annual Hunted Pirate Fest and Mermaid Splash event is presented by The City of Boynton Beach. For the first time Sophia Nelson from TMS attended to catch the excitement and soak up the rays. This family friendly event drew thousands of people to downtown Boynton Beach. The Merchant Strategy was ready to swash-buckle into many adventures that the weekend had to offer. Until nest year Ship Ahoy!


    The Palm Beach County Sports Commission’s portfolio of sports events created a record-breaking year for sports tourism in The Palm Beaches. The Palm Beach County Sports Commission hosted 162 sporting events, which produced 222,528 room nights derived from hotels, motels, and vacation rentals in Palm Beach County. Sports-related room nights experienced a 9% increase, year over year. Sports related room nights in Palm Beach County grew by 21% (38,632 room nights) over the last two years and by 35% (57,346) over the last five years. The Palm Beach County Sports Commission’s portfolio of 162 events represents more than 40 different sports. This demonstrates the diverse sports facilities and venues of Palm Beach County. In addition to room nights, the 162 sports events created a tremendous level of visitor spending. In total, sports tourism generating events contributed to well over $300 million of direct visitor spending for The Palm Beaches.


    Our Team at The Merchant Strategy decided to make a statement during the month of October by all wearing PINK and joined the many breast cancer awareness campaigns across our nation. Team Member Grady Ross provided his #QuitPlaying apparel for our team which is a woman owned small business. Grady is brave enough to be the only man on Team TMS! It is our hope to create awareness and encourage others to be screened and potentially save their ta ta’s. Breast cancer is not exclusive to women only. According to the American Cancer Society, “Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed among U.S. women (excluding skin cancers) with about 252,710 new cases to be expected to be diagnosed in 2017”. The American Cancer Society also states, “The steep declines in breast cancer since 1989 have been attributed to both improvements in treatment and early detection by mammography”. Call your local Imaging Centers to book an appointment during the month of October. Many of them will offer discount mammographies during the month. You may also visit many cancer research foundations like the “Save The Ta-Tas Foundation” to make a donation so one day we are breast cancer free.

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