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  • November 2017 Newsletter
    November 22,2017


    TMS was retained by the Palm Beach Point Property Owners Association to create a community and government relations strategy to address a concern with a proposed nearby project. It requires some lobbying efforts on behalf of the neighborhood to inform the Village of Wellington and its’ Council of their concerns about a proposed new aviation/equestrian development on Flying COW Rd.. There are 30 homes with both barns and/or hangars being proposed including a request by the applicant to enhance the existing air strip. This is a quality of life concern for the PBPOA. If this project were to be approved as proposed today, the take off and landing paths would be directly over 12 equestrian homes. This is also the first time aviation would be approved in the Equestrian Preserve Overlay. TMS is developing a relationship among all impacted neighborhoods in the area through press releases, email campaigns, print material, media campaigns and strategic planning to address our concerns with the proposal and find resolution for our client and the residents of the Village of Wellington.


    The Merchant Strategy is excited to again be teaming with Chen Moore and Associates. Our team was recently awarded the Palm Beach County Water Utilities South County Reclaimed Water Transmission Pipeline project. This project will begin in early 2018 with the design phase and will continue through to 2025. The benefits of the new pipeline are numerous including the fact that wastewater will no longer be dumped into the ocean and the reclaimed water will be utilized to water surrounding golf courses and neighborhoods. Not only will that mean uninterrupted water supplies throughout the year, the water being used will be higher in nutrients and require less fertilizing for area landscaping. TMS will provide two way communication between the stakeholders, and the County/contractors. We will provide up to date information to the stakeholders throughout the project via websites and social media, and get their feedback on matters that affect them directly. Public meetings will be held throughout the communities so as to address the specific concerns of each neighborhood.


    The Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce recently announced the 2017 Woman of the Year Award winner, Mayor Maria Marino. Mayor Marino was honored along with the other two finalists, Kimberly Lea and Chelsea Reed at the Woman of the Year Award Luncheon, which took place on October 24, 2017 at the Wyndham Grand Jupiter.


    Some have wondered what the results were for the visit Florida funding by the State. The following is a summary of where we stand at this time. The bill specifies new accountability and transparency measures for VISIT FLORIDA and Enterprise Florida, Inc. (EFI). The bill amends the one-to-one public/private match requirements for VISIT FLORIDA. The bill creates the Florida Job Growth Grant Fund to award funds for public infrastructure projects, infrastructure funding to accelerate the rehabilitation of the Herbert Hoover Dike, and workforce training. The bill creates the Targeted Marketing Assistance Program to enhance the tourism business marketing of small, minority, rural, and agritourism businesses in Florida. The bill directs the Department of Revenue to audit the Professional Golf Hall of Fame and requires them to provide certain information to the state. The bill eliminates the Displaced Homemaker Program and the associated Displaced Homemaker Trust Fund, and reduces the surcharge on marriage license applications by $7.50. The bill redirects $75 million of revenue from the State Economic Enhancement and Development Trust Fund to the General Revenue Fund. The bill includes $60 million for 17 higher education facilities. The bill appropriates $85 million for the Florida Job Growth Grant Fund, and an additional nonrecurring $50 million for projects related to the Herbert Hoover Dike. The bill appropriates $76 million for the Department of Opportunity to enter into contract with VISIT FLORIDA and $16 million for a contract with EFI. If approved by the Governor, these provisions take effect July 1, 2017. Vote: Senate 34-1; House 105-4.


    I overheard Mom say she was going to Carolina Beach with Aunt Lisa and Uncle Chris for Thanksgiving. I started dreaming about running on the beach and taking walks with my friend Donny. Then I heard her say that I wasn’t going! Ugh! Then I heard her say that Aunt Michelle was taking care of me (she means I am taking care of Aunt Michelle). This is a great solution! Aunt M has a pickup truck and I get to ride shot gun and I love that! Mom makes me ride in the back seat in our car. I’m not allowed to chase cats with Mom, but at Aunt’s M’s house, there are lots of cool critters for me to “inspect”. Some require chasing. Don’t tell Mom. The next cool thing is the office Christmas party. I get to go of course. My job is to greet every person. I’m not supposed to ask for samples of the food, but I know who will slip me a taste. We both know who you are (Aunt Francine and Aunt Kathy and Aunt Yvonne)! Don’t let Mom see you “teaching me bad manners”. I love Christmas time. I have been really good this year, so maybe Santa will bring me a cat to chase? Or maybe a puppy to train? Maybe not, but a dog can dream.

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