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  • The TMS Connect - What's Happening This Fall
    November 14,2018

    Avenir is breaking ground! Although plans are still subject to change, they are making great strides. Several parcels are under contract to other home builders. There are plans for a 55 and over community. Plans for the first phase of retail are also in process. Rosa Schechter, one of the owners, has given several talks recently about some of the cool amenities that are in the planning stages, including the possibility of a crystal lagoon in the community. Our special thanks to all of you who attended P&Z and City Council meetings to show your support. This has been such a fun and challenging project to work on and we encourage all of you to watch us grow. For more information, you can call Rosa at 305-447-7494.

    This month, TMS is staffing two public information workshops for our client the Wantman Group, Inc. (WGI) on a Florida Department of Transportation, District Four project. This project involves the replacement of two bridges over the Lake Worth Drainage District with improvements to roadways, sidewalks, shoulders/bike lanes and new guardrails. TMS created stakeholder databases for the impacted areas, created detour maps and mailed flyers for each public meeting. The team at WGI are a pleasure to work with and we look forward to collaborating on future projects.

    Sharon Merchant Receives 2018 Community Service Award

    We are proud to announce that our company President, Sharon Merchant, will be honored with the 2018 Community Service Award at the Inner City Youth Golfers (ICYG) 17thAnnual Community Services Recognition Celebration. Nominated for her dedication to serving the greater community of Palm Beach County, Sharon will be honored on December 1, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. at the Palm Beach Gardens Marriott. Tickets for this awards dinner can be purchased by clicking this link

    Join Sharon and Come Party with the Pack at LEEDS

    The puppies in training are worth the price of admission! 

    Buck’s Corner, by Buck Merchant

    Photo by David Randell Photographics

    Hey it’s me Buck. I have so much to tell you. First, I got to go the TMS Halloween Party.  Mom always tells the humans not to feed me… my charm is stronger than that!  I scored!  I was a chihuahua. Yeah, I know I am a little big for that, but it was fun. I wore my Yo Quiero Tacos shirt and a small sombrero. I did have a mustache, but I ate it.  Mom says she is using a sharpie next time. Yikes! Then I got to go back to the UF Small Animal Clinic. Yeah I know I am not small, but that is the name. Dr. Santoro just loves me! He is fixing my skin so I don’t itch. Then I got to go to the Zoe Loren walk.  My Uncle Bruce sneaked me some bagels and other good stuff. That is just between us!  He also gave me a cool shirt to wear, just like Mom.  I walked, licked small humans, smelled exotic pee mail and had so much fun. Uncle B says I can come back next year.  Mom took me to breakfast with her friends. They snuck me food, too. Life is good!

    Brett Morson Joins the Award-Winning Travel Agency Company, Cruise Planners, as Franchise Owner

    Brett Morson has joined Cruise Planners, an American Express Travel Representative, the nation’s largest home-based travel agent franchise network in the industry. Affiliation means Morson now offers travelers exclusive pricing on a wide range of cruise and destination wedding packages, private cruise sales, as well as cabin upgrades and special amenities such as shore excursions, discounted fares, travel gifts and more. As a Cruise Planners travel advisor, Morson also provides specialized land vacation and tour packages to the most sought-after destinations around the world.

    “Everyone travels, and it’s important to use a trusted travel specialist to help get the most value out of a vacation,” Morson said. “As a Cruise Planners travel expert, I take the stress and hassle out of planning a vacation for my clients.” Brett can be reached at brett.morson@cruiseplanners.com.


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