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  • June Newsletter 2017
    June 26,2017


    The Merchant Strategy is delighted to be offering government and community relations services to Trump Tower Condo Association. Trump Tower leaders are actively working to maintain a 5 story height limitation along Flagler Drive. We are working with them to inform and engage other citizens, encouraging all to participate in the public discourse. The preservation of beautiful downtown West Palm Beach is a task especially important Sharon Merchant who was born at Good Samaritan Hospital!


    The Merchant Strategy provided press releases and planned the press conference to announce that the Phipps Ocean Park Nourishment Project is a winner of its 2017 Best Restored Beach Award. Located in the southern portion of Town of Palm Beach, Florida, the 2016 beach and dune restoration project is placed over a million cubic yards of sand over more than 2 miles of shoreline on the beach and dune. This project is a prime example of the effective management of eroded beaches through the strategic implementation of modern nourishment practice and is a key element of a Townwide nourishment program. The project has resulted in the conversion of a highly eroded and vulnerable shoreline into a healthy beach and dune system that provides storm protection, recreational use and nesting habitat for sea turtle and bird species. The project provides storm protection and resilience for upland properties. Not only does the project provide direct benefits in the project area but it also re-establishes the natural supply of sand for beaches to the south by acting as a feeder beach. In this way the project increases the overall health of the coastal system improving the stability of critically eroded beaches on Palm Beach Island.


    The Merchant Strategy is excited to announce our new research project with Palm Beach State College and Lake Worth campus Provost Dr. Jean Wihbey. TMS will deliver an environmental community scan that when completed will provide the college the ability to review current course offerings, career path growth plans, and student partnership opportunities. Our goal with this new project is to help provide access to our county's largest provider of post secondary education. Increasing the community skill level is a goal the both TMS and Palm Beach State College share. This project will become an excellent road-map to success and TMS is happy to pave the way for this exciting future for our county.


    Lake Worth Residents, please join us for the Lake Worth Neighborhood Road Program Community Involvement Meeting

    June 29, 2017 6:30 - 8:00pm

    City Hall, 7 North Dixie Highway, Lake Worth FL 33460

    For more information go to: www.lakeworthroads.com


    You know, my job is never done! I greet all visitors and customers, sniffing each to make sure they are okay. I power sleep at high alert. No one gets by me. I ride shotgun with Mom everywhere and also guard the car. Sometimes my Aunts, Kathy and Kelly take me cool places too. I'm really digging Uncle Grady's “#Quitplaying" Apparel line. Hoping I can land a gig as his "fur model". Maybe after I drop a couple of pounds. Oh, and did I mention Uncle Grady has a website? http://www.quitplaying.shop/ Aunt Francine likes to massage me every day, so I make time for her! She also makes sure I get fresh water with ice cubes. Mom says she spoils me. Oh well... membership has its privileges. Speaking of privileges, on Thursdays I go to Mimi’s house. She is my grandmother. Mimi is really nice and loves me. I get the BEST food, and usually get leftovers, too! I play with Nikki, Mimi’s dog. Even though she is old, she keeps up with "young" Buck. Mimi’s yard is so big. Lots of great things to check out. Next week, I get to go to the office party. Can’t wait! Well that's my story! Thanks for dropping by Buck's Corner!

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